About Aadhi Aabadi Awards

After the huge success and overwhelming response of 9th consecutive Aadhi Aabadi Awards, we are now organizing it again on
23 Dec, 2018
in a larger scale with broader perspective


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Varsha Goel

Varsha Goel

The famous and acclaimed Kathak duo Nalini and Kamalini have appeared on the surface engraving their mark in the field of classical Indian Dance – Kathak. Being devoted disciples of Kathak Maestro Guru Jitendra Maharaj, Varanasi Gharana, the duo has reached places in their lives. Nalini-Kamalini is not only known for their talent in India, but also abroad. They have been often invited to represent their dancing skills before visiting dignitaries in the Parliament, Rashtrapati Bhawan and various highly regarded national and International festivals.

Bestowed with exceptional dancing talent coupled with impeccable synchronization, the sisters have won the hearts of many. The art authority even with pride acknowledges them both as ‘celestial dancing nymphs’. The duo has been consistently conferred with numerous awards honoring their talent such as – Nritya Shiromani, Nritya Praveen, Nritya Sarang, Mahakal Samman, etc.

Not only this, but Nalini-Kamalini have been ardent in giving lectures and demonstration across number of academic institutions spread out widely in the country. Nalini – Kamalini also got opportunity to serve as Secretary of Sangeeta Institute of Performing Arts.

It’s not only their artistic conventional dancing form, but also graceful stage presence that catches attention of many of their fans.