About Aadhi Aabadi Awards

After the huge success and overwhelming response of 9th consecutive Aadhi Aabadi Awards, we are now organizing it again on
23 Dec, 2018
in a larger scale with broader perspective


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Pushpa Sinha

Pushpa Sinha

She was born 30th March, 1953 and she lives in New Delhi, India. She is a writer & housewife.

She has been written 17 books and published by different publications mentioned below:

A. Published by Tiny –Tot Publication

  • Human rights for children in 2001 (book consists of collection of stories for children)
  • 101 Great Indians in 2002
  • 101 Inspiring lives of India in 2003
  • President of India in 2004
  • Brave Hearts in 2005 (consists of acts of bravery by children and teenagers, who won Bharat Award)
  • Prime Minister of India in 2005

B. Published by Books House

  • Dharti Mata – Pita Aakash in 2015 (related to environmental combination)
  • Manavadhikaar ki Ashimit Sarhade in 2015 (related to human right)
  • Bharat ke Mukhaya Nayadhish in 2015

C. Published by Granth Academy

  • Bharat ke Pradhan Mantra in 2013
  • Bharat ke Rashtrapati in 2013
  • Bharat Avam Vishwa ke Manaye Jane Wale Diwas in 2015

D. Published by Parag Publication

  • Mahilanama in 2015 (Upnnayas)
  • Tiranga – Tale in 2015 (national unity)
  • Barah – Masa in 2015 (explain India’s 12 months)

E. Rajsurya Publication

  • Iccha Mratiyu in 2016
  • Beti Bachao – Beti Padao in 2016