About Aadhi Aabadi Awards

After the huge success and overwhelming response of 9th consecutive Aadhi Aabadi Awards, we are now organizing it again on
23 Dec, 2018
in a larger scale with broader perspective


Coming Soon ...

Poonam Prabhat

Poonam Prabhat

Key Area :- 1. RURAL EDUCATION 2. RURAL HEALTH CARE:- Value of Food and nutrients, Value of cleanliness, Value of Yoga, Value of meditation, Value of teeth and its maintenance

Family: - Value of joint family, Value of elderly family member, Value of group business, Value of group farming

Religious rites: - Simplifying all religious rites and ceremony

Agricultural farming :- Organic farming , (a) Helping people in production of Burmi compost, (b) Importance of Burmi compost with respect to chemical fertilizer, Fish Farming, Horticulture Farming, Vegetable Farming, Dairy Farming, Poultry Farming.

Skill development programme :- 1. बनाने , पैकिंग करने और दुकान पर पहुँचाने की कला :- सत्तू, बेसन, बरी, पापड़, चूडा, मुढ़ी 2. Handicraft likes; Bamboo Basket, Bamboo cheek

Awareness programme on Govt. Welfare scheme:-
• Health insurance policy
• Mudra Banking Loan scheme
• Free LPG connection (Ujjawala Yojana)
• Agricultural Insurance
• Right to education
• Right to food for everyone

Our volunteers visit door to door and help people to get its benefits. Our volunteers take the people and help them to get all medical facilities available at P.H.C. 80% diseases are due to using impure water for drinking and cooking food. We go to door to door to educate people to use only pure water for drinking and cooking. We conduct Yoga camp time to time and educate people for benefits of Yoga for their good health. We arrange meeting time to time on the role of Police & Court. We educate them to follow rules to avoid Police and Court. We arrange time to time cultural programme amongst the children and woman and educate them to participate. We educate people to avoid taking private loan from private money lenders. We do counseling to their children education and guide them to choose their future plan. We distribute baby plants (fruits and vegetables) amongst them to grow and to get benefits out of its.