About Aadhi Aabadi Awards

After the huge success and overwhelming response of 9th consecutive Aadhi Aabadi Awards, we are now organizing it again on
23 Dec, 2018
in a larger scale with broader perspective


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Monika Sinha

Monika Sinha

Ms. Monika Sinha is the renowned Bhojpuri Producer, who has been striving to make a steady pace while putting her utmost efforts in propagating environment friendly measures. Her most popularized documentary film “The Return of Dr. Jagdish Basu” is one of the best examples reiterating her core feelings about the environment, and surroundings around her.

Revolving around the legendary scientist Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose, the film puts forth the aftermath of deforestation. Ms. Monika Sinha, is the core Producer of the film, and therefore shares the credit of coming up with an exceptional endeavor of protecting the Earth. Her sole dedication on the same path indeed persuades others to trade on this path.